Friday, June 13, 2014

Surprises :)

One thing about Doug being gone most of the time is never knowing for sure when he could come home.  I pack his suitcase every Monday and he tells me how long he will be gone for.  But a couple times since he has started working for Dairy One he sneaks home without me knowing.  Last night was the best one.  I was cleaning the house, the kids were in bed and I had music going.  The dogs were both sleeping as well.  I don't know what made me turn around, but I did and I saw white in the window!  I had no idea!  We got a bunch done for packing last night while the rain was holding off and booked our camping site for our Darien Lake overnight trip.  And then I got to have my actual cuddle partner instead of the 70 lb one that has scratchy paws ;)  So thankful!  Can't wait to spend an awesome weekend camping with my family!

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Cari Howanietz said...

The little things in life.