Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kids being kids....

I try my hardest to allow my kids to be kids.  The other day, I had the twins and then Katie brought Zoe over to play.  They left dirty and tired but boy did they have a blast!  
They started off by playing in a box that was filled with road sand from the winter that they had collected.  LOL  When we had a sand box, do you think they ever used it....nope! :)  This is way more fun!

And if you can have that much fun with road sand, imagine how much fun you can have with an empty trailer!  It made a great boat and safety place from anything "scary"!

Of course it "broke" often and needed some fixing before they could all get back in again ;)

Then the rain it.  It wasn't down pouring, just that really light sprinkle, so we just let them keep playing, but of course took pictures :)

I asked Haylie to say cheese and she full out posed! :)  Too cute!

Look at that dirty face!  I love it when kids aren't afraid to get dirty.

I love this picture of Zoe :)

I'm starting to see a little similarity between Haylie and Madalyn ;)

This one could be framed!

Love it!  She was in the posing mood too!

But not this little guy ;)


And then the rain let loose....

HAHA  Too much fun!