Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Morning with the Geiger Family!

Christmas pictures FINALLY!  Be normal, there are half a million of them :)
This year I have a double excuse because I was the official picture taker, so I HAD to post everything! LOL
We headed to my parents Sunday night after church.  This year was a BIG surprise and EVERYONE was home!  It was awesome to have everyone there and although the house was very full and we made a mess and went through a ton of food, it was cozy and wonderful!
Monday morning we did Geiger Christmas....

I love that lip!

Look at those faces!  Scooters!!!

Casen loved all the food that was familiar, name brand stuff!

Love this picture

Too cute!  Casen got a hot wheels ornament from "Monki and Bompa" :)

Daniel being content as always...

LOL  She wanted to get dressed in pink :)

That lip!

Snack time

Chloe had enough and she went into hiding...

Her favorite gift...a baby!

Jeremy loved his deep fryer!

Glow in the dark goop for their creepy crawlers!


A pie maker for camping!  WAHOO!!!

Daniel's turn...

Cute Jonathan!  HAHA

Coolest idea ever!  I wish I got a better picture of it

Arya is still content with her baby :)

Wipeout!  Marissa and Grandpa will have a ton of fun playing this!  
It's their favorite show to watch together.

Even Mom got some sit down time and presents :)

More Christmas pictures to follow ;)