Friday, March 6, 2015

And another one bites the dust...

Marissa got hit with the puke bug around 2am this morning.  Thankfully hers is very mild.  She only puked twice and was done by 2:30am.  Since Doug is coming home today and I'd like to avoid him getting this, we are in full cleaning mode today.  The kids are laying low and I'm lysoling everything, doing laundry and vacuuming.  Hopefully all little bugs are gone by the time he walks in the door.  Madalyn took a shower today and said she feels amazing after that.  I'm still working on getting myself to that point! ;)  Hope you all have a great weekend and that you stay well!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

We have been hit...

Madalyn came down with the puke bug last night around 7.  It came out of the blue and it was nasty.  I'm praying that she kept that all to herself.  After a rough night, she is eating and drinking tonight and having no issues keeping everything down. 
 Blogging should continue as normal tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Home improvement!

Saturday, we went shopping and got all our supplies to start laying tile in the bathrooms.   Plans got all messed up for last weekend, so we haven't started yet.  This weekend we have a full Saturday, so in kind of guessing we won't start ripping and tearing another week.   We will see.   I'll take tons of pictures.   Hopefully we can pull this off!   Most everyone we have talked to says we can do this no problem, but there is always a small amount is doubt!  Unfortunately, I have more I want to post on this but I'm lucky I got the two seconds to wrote this post.  I'm being paged, so we will continue this tomorrow!   I hope you all have a great day!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A night out

Last night Doug was out of town and Doug's mom called me.  She was alone as well...Dad had gone to the Syracuse Basketball game with Kenny and Laurie.  So she asked if we wanted to do dinner in Lowville with her.  Of course we said yes!  If anyone knows me, cooking dinner for my family when my husband is gone is hard for me.  I'm not really sure why since we are only down one person, but regardless its something I struggle with.  So we jumped on it.  We picked her up and headed out early.  It was really nice!  We didn't have to wait for a table or anything!  We had a great time and had an awesome dinner.  We made a couple pit stops on the way home and got home in plenty of time for the kids to get ready for bed.    
I spent the night on the couch, enjoying some quiet time, cuddled up with my pups :)
Tonight is Mom's night for the homeschool group so I won't be bored tonight either!  I love it!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Back to the drawing board...

Sunday, after the morning service, we came home and got ready for a road trip.  We dropped the dogs off at Doug's parents (so thankful for their willingness to help out!) and headed to Rochester to take Piper for a play date with Ruby.  I'll admit I was pretty confident about it.  It was so perfect and I just felt God's hand was in the whole situation.  We took the two dogs for a walk when we got there.  Ruby was pretty unsure right from the get go, but we got them walking well together so we decided to test inside.  We spent 2 hours there and pulled them apart at least 5 times.  I tried every dog training tool I know, but in the end there were a lot of factors that made it a poor decision.  She would have been loved and cared for there for sure, but it was not in the best interest of Piper or Ruby to let their issue play out.  So we are back to the drawing board.  It was really nice to see Ruby again and spend some time with her.  She is well loved and spoiled rotten ;)  THAT makes me happy!  So it wasn't a complete loss.  We left disappointed for sure, and there were tears shed on their end because Ruby just wouldn't have it.  We prayed about it, they prayed about it, and in the end it just wasn't God's plan.  So she is sticking around for a while.  As of right now we have no game plan.  I added her back to my website as available.  We have a vet visit for some vaccinations next week and I'll be letting them know where we are sitting so they can keep their ears open for me.  For now she has a great home and is spoiled here.  We just have to be patient and wait for things to play out.  
Unfortunately due to how things went yesterday, we are going to have to be careful that it didn't cause a fear in Piper with other small/medium new dogs.  Fear can lead to aggression and that is definitely something we want to avoid.  So we have a new training thing to work on with her and some socialization to continue so that we don't end up with a fear aggression.  
I've always liked a challenge ;)

Animal Cruelty ;)

 People give me a hard time about crates.  
I don't get it as much anymore, but I used to get it all the time when I was breeding.  
"It's cruel"...if I got a dollar for every time I heard that I would be a millionaire. 
Days like this make me chuckle...

They look really abused...stuck in their kennels!  
It makes it even funnier because they are in each other's crates.  Chloe is always stealing Piper's and Piper steals Chloe's. LOL  Love them so much!

Friday, February 27, 2015

More news!

Some of you know that we have had an extra dog around here for almost 3 weeks now.  We have kind of been acting as a "foster family" for one of Chloe's pups from 2010.  Things didn't work out and she found her way back here.  I had a "nagging" feeling that I should make a phone call to another one of the puppy owners ever since I got the news that Piper was coming.  Last Monday I listened and made the call.  They were on vacation so they called me back on Monday.  I explained the situation and told them to take whatever time they wanted, she wasn't going anywhere for now.  Wednesday night I got the call and she has a family waiting for her and her full blood sister can't wait to play!  I'm so thankful and sad all at the same time.  3 dogs is a little much for us....but we have grown EXTREMELY attached and when the final days come, its going to be a rough goodbye.  I'm so thankful though that God cares about the little things.  He seems to be showing me this a lot lately!  They are going to call Sunday with a date that is good for them and then I'll make the drive down there and we will have a play date.  As long as things go well, she will stay!  They are super excited!  I have a lot of emotions, I'm trusting in the fact that I feel this was a God thing from the get go.  
Wednesday night after my phone conversation, we started preparing Piper for her new home.  Their current pup sleeps with them and they want to do the same with Piper, so we gated off our room so she couldn't get to the cat in the girl's room and we slept in a very full bed.  LOL  I woke up extremely warm, sandwiched between Piper and Molly.  Molly was all warm and toasty...she had somehow wedged herself in between Doug and I.  Thursday agenda included training her to the underground fence system, as that is what the new owners use to keep their pup contained as well.  I'm very excited for that day!  I'm anxious to see how the two get along, see if they remember each other, and I'm super excited to see another one of my pups again!  I'll of course remember to bring my camera and take lots of pictures!

Mom and Daughter 4 years later :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


When I was about 15ish, my Dad was an over the road truck driver.  Sometimes he would be gone for 3-4 weeks at a time.  I'll never forget the feeling of hearing that jake brake kick on as he passed the house and his horn blowing.  We would have no clue he was coming home sometimes and we would all tear out of the house and run down to his parking spot in our little town.  I loved that feeling.  It's a feeling you can't really describe or re-create....
Until now when I have a husband that does the same thing!  LOL  
Tuesday night I called Doug.  I could tell by the way the phone sounded that he was driving.  I asked him where he was heading at that hour and he said they finished their farm they were working at, and they were heading to their next destination.  We chatted for a while and then he lost service.  About 30 minutes later, the dogs started grumbling and I see back up lights come on.  We were his destination!  :)  I love it! 
Of course he asked if there was vacancy for the next 5 nights, because he needed an extended stay room.  LOL  
I love surprises and love Doug being home even more!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More big news!

When my sister came home at Thanksgiving and announced she was expecting, the girls both put in their guesses.  Madalyn said boy, Marissa said girl.  
Yesterday my sister found out she is having a BOY!  
Seth Kyle :)  
Both girls are sooo excited and the first thing Madalyn said was I get to hold him first!  LOL  
That was the agreement.  Whoever guessed right got to hold the baby first, after me!  Of course I have already heard how its not fair because I guessed wrong, but still get to hold him before Madalyn.  Aunts just trump in some ways ;)
We did some shopping for little Seth last night and I'm super excited for the shower now!  The girls each got to add a little something to the gift that was very important to them as a baby.  They are both sure that Seth is going to need it as well.  Madalyn was super excited to hear that he is a thumb sucker already...she thinks all babies should be!  Marissa loved that they caught him playing with his toes. :)  Both girls can't wait to go to SC this summer to meet him!  I want him to stay cooking as long as he needs to, but can't wait to hold him!  We love him so much already!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Big news in the Benedict house!!!

My 1st baby is all grown up...its official!  
The harness has been reinstalled into Marissa's car seat...

...because she outgrew the booster!  She is so proud to be sitting with her feet touching the ground.   :)  It's weird to look in the rear view mirror and not see her seat...almost gives you a panic attack that you left her!  Madalyn sits taller than her in the car now LOL!  Marissa is getting too big, too fast!  (Don't mind her pants...they are her favorite play jeans!  I promise she has pants that fully cover her knees available to her!)  

So I have a spare seat at the house now for my extra kiddos.  It feels weird to be down to 1 car seat in the car after almost 8 years of having 2.  She is loving it so far!  (Although she said it feels really weird.)  It will definitely make our trip south easier this summer since we will have my Mom with us.  1 car seat instead of 2 = a LOT more room!