Monday, July 28, 2014

A little bit of a science project!

While we were out in Buffalo visiting family a couple weeks ago, we stopped at my cousin's toy store.  The girls spent some of their birthday money and picked up a few things.  We have been waiting to do the science projects they picked up.  Finally the day came and we started them!  Grandma was here to help us get started ;)

Marissa got Magic Rocks....

So cool!

Madalyn is dyeing and growing crystals!

Madalyn's aren't officially done yet.  Right now they are mushy and we are waiting for them to dry  out and finish changing color!  

If anyone is looking for some awesome gifts for a birthday, or Christmas, Jesse's Toy Box is an awesome place to check out.  They have a website to shop online and carry a lot of great fun brands like Melissa and Doug, Lego's, Calico Critters, Fisher Price and so much more.  They are a Christian, family run business and for me its awesome knowing that I'm buying from a place like that!  Check them out!

Friday, July 25, 2014

More messes

What a goofball!

For the show your stuff portion of the show and the costume class, both dogs each got a stuffed dog bone.  So we ended up with 4 of them.  I put 3 of the up and left one out.  Of course I was not surprised that it didn't last long!

Now that the mess is made, she is wore out and ready for bed ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The dog show :)

I'm so proud of all 4 girls.  They all did amazing!  The girls look forward to this show every year.  I wasn't sure how it was going to work this year.  Marissa always shows Chloe and Madalyn usually shows Case.  Madalyn decided that she was going to take Molly this year.  Of course with her only being 7 months I knew she was going to need help, but I really didn't know what to expect out of Molly.  She is pretty well socialized, but can easily be freaked out by a new place and new people.  She is a huge chicken!  So we went an hour early and hoped for the best.  It must have worked because she did awesome!  The judge told the class that if she returned to show next year, everyone better watch out for her because she will have a lot more training under her belt and she couldn't believe how good she was for 7 months this year!  I have more pictures coming from the fair website, once they get posted, but for now here is what I have!

"Purebred class under 20lbs"

Old pros ;)

"Puppy class under a year"
Such a pretty girl!

She kept trying to sneak away here...there was another dog named Molly waiting for her class and our Molly took to her and her family!

"Obedience class" 

"Show your stuff"

"Costume Class"

The winner!  A male great dane as a fish with his owner the fisherman :)

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf dressed as "Grandma" ;)

Dorothy and Toto!  ;)


Zoe and her best buddy these days :)

The final loot :)  Marissa placed 1st in every class Chloe was entered that had a 1st place slot, except the costume class.  The "Show Your Stuff" class everyone placed and got a toy as a prize.  Molly took 1st in her puppy class and unfortunately was in the same class as Chloe in all the others.  Chloe just has more experience than she does!  She took second in the costume class behind the other dane though!
Because the vet clinic sponsored the show, we got 4 gift certificates to the clinic for future use.  I'm hoping we can save them for Molly's spay surgery!